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  • Comfortable skin-friendly organic cotton pillowcases provide a better user experience.

  • Soft pp cotton / micro ball filled so that the pillow to meet a certain shape, suitable for pregnant women's body posture, is a perfect pregnant woman pillow

  • Machine wash, water can be absorbed, anti-microbial, anti-fungal. Multi-purpose: multi-functional pregnant women pillow, strong enough to support from birth until the study of sit and crawling period

  • Luxury pregnancy - maternal best pillow - pillow pill pill relieve joint pain

  • Deep sleep every night - to eliminate stress, neck strain or bad sleep mode with sleep comfort, wish you a pleasant shopping

  • Name: L multi-functional pregnant woman pillow
    color: A, B, C, D, E, F
    whether the removable wash is:
    This product is to solve the mother during pregnancy to keep a long sleep Prone to cause the neck, shoulders, waist, legs and other parts, oppression caused by acid, hemp, swelling, and other issues, pregnant women pillow can maximize the Mommy conversion sleeping position, with soothing hypnosis to ensure blood Smooth at the same time can protect the baby from other pressure. Promote the normal development of the fetus. Is pregnant women during pregnancy a necessary production, at the same time, postpartum can also be used as breastfeeding and fixed baby (to prevent the baby fell off the bed). More suitable for Chinese mothers pregnant women pillow, breast pillow.
    About sleeping position: early pregnancy (body to adapt to pregnancy, pregnant womenPillow can help you better rest)
    Pregnancy (mothers easy calcium deficiency waist acid, pregnant women pillow can help you sleep
    late pregnancy (baby frequent fetal movement, need to keep oxygen on the left)
    Adjuvant period (physical recovery time, can not charge the waist need care)

    MQYH Pregnant Women Pillow Nursing Breastfeeding Baby Sitting Sitting On The Side Of The Waist To Rely On The Waist Back To The Back Of The Double Washable Multi-Functional U-Shaped Pillow Spring And Summ A - B074N2Q25S

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